Hemerocallis warm paste warm hand egg replacement core warm egg warm baby hand holding makeup Sen self heating one-time warm hand treasure paste in winter

Color, size, egg core, cute pocket bear, 10 pieces, 20 pieces, 30 pieces, 40 pieces, 50 pieces, 60 pieces, 5 pieces, 1 piece, 1 Classic warm egg,,

Are all cotton fluffed like this? I just received it. I don't know if it's genuine. After using it, it's very light in color. It feels a little hard. It's of good quality and beautiful packaging. Very cost-effective. The style is beautiful and generous. It's an enduring one. And in the packaging category, alcohol was sprayed. They have made contributions to epidemic prevention. Yalan has always been the choice of conscience. It's an old brand of bars. I've always liked to use it. If there are activities and the cost performance is high, I'll buy another set.

Li Jiaqi Concealer concealment of face spots, black eye circles, pox print, acne spots, tattoo, makeup, concealer, water repellency, and no sweat.

Kedi silicone mask support 3D three-dimensional anti muggy artifact breathable makeup protection child inner support support