In summer, wear mask, anti stuffy, inner holding artifact, breathable makeup, 3D three-dimensional support, mouth nose separation support, Kedi

Color, size, washable and reusable, three-dimensional support without sticking to the mouth and nose, 20 food grade silica gel materials, 50 food grade silica gel materials,,

The main reason is that the heat dissipation feeling is not enough, sweating and the adhesion between the cloth and the arm. It's uncomfortable. It's still good to take photos outside. Hehe, the purpose is different. Fabric material: the fabric is light and windproof: the windproof effect is good, the armpit is breathable and comfortable. The clothes are very good. I've come to buy them for the second time. The clothes are standard in size, very light, not thick, very comfortable and breathable. I bought two pieces, one blue and one gray blue for my father. I wear gray myself. Overall, I feel very good. My father also thinks it's very good. It's sunscreen and of good quality. The products of Xiaomi ecological chain are still very good. The quality is very good, very good. I also feel it's quite sunscreen. At the same time, I'm very curious and alert. The fabric is slippery, Overall, I feel very good. Jackie Chan's logistics is also very fast. On the whole, it's worth buying

Imunny concealer, liquid foundation, moisturizing, moisturizing, and lasting 38 BB gifts.

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