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Color, net content, 01 fiery red impulse, 02 crimson fan, 03 orange pick beans, 04 wine red fall, 05 warm persimmon, 06 throbbing warm maple, 07 brick love trap, 08 stealing peach, 09 imaginary cardamom, 10 mousse rose,,,

The bag has always been carried on your back since you bought it. It's very fashionable and atmospheric. You don't want two or three hundred bags at all. It's very good-looking. When you carry it outside, your friends say it's good-looking. It's a very atmospheric bag. She's very satisfied with a shopping gift for her sister. She likes it very much. It feels very good. Self operated things are reliable. It's a very nice bag. It's very feminine. It's almost a fixed bag. I bought it. I left it dry. It's especially good. The hardware doesn't fade. This bag has a drill. I hope the drill won't fall off. That's very satisfactory. The bag has a large capacity and has a small defect. It's ok as a whole! I love it. Great love. Highly recommended.

In summer, wear mask, anti stuffy, inner holding artifact, breathable makeup, 3D three-dimensional support, mouth nose separation support, Kedi

[same style of Zhou Dongyu] banana inner cool skin 301s sunscreen clothes for women outdoor breathable thin summer anti ultraviolet ice silk cool sunscreen clothes