Kedi silicone mask support 3D three-dimensional anti muggy artifact breathable makeup protection child inner support support

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The packaging is very good. It's used as a prize. It's pretty good overall. The packaging is very good. I bought it as a prize, but the delivery is slow. The product packaging and product quality are good, which is worth buying. I like it, but it's not velvet. It's a little cold when I just sleep in, but it's really small and fresh. Take a good look at the fabric material: polyester fiber touch feel: soft and smooth. I bought it during the double 11 event. I got it at 149. The color matching is simple, warm and very good-looking. The fabric is made of polyester fiber, which is soft, delicate and comfortable. Mercury home textile brand is trustworthy, and the overall workmanship is still very fine. This four piece bed set is more suitable for spring and autumn. It is slightly thin in winter. Generally speaking, it can afford this price. Very nice

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