[same style of Zhou Dongyu] banana inner cool skin 301s sunscreen clothes for women outdoor breathable thin summer anti ultraviolet ice silk cool sunscreen clothes

Color, size, sea fog blue, bright purple, white peach powder, pink purple, white green, light cheese yellow, grey blue, light grey, cold white, s, m, l, XL, XXL,,

The pants are good. The package bag broke a big hole after receiving the goods. Considering that the express brother is also very hard in winter, it's good not to give a bad comment. 164.111 is a little fat to wear 165. For your reference, it's very comfortable to wear. It's also very thin. The thin style is just right. I bought a pair of cotton padded trousers for my two moms. The effect of keeping warm is very good. The temperature in Northeast China drops sharply, but it's really warm. It's worth buying. I bought one for each of my two moms, which can withstand the cold north wind in Northeast China. The quality is very good. One I bought is also very thick and warm. It's worth buying one for everyone at home. It looks good! The size is appropriate, the workmanship is fine, and the heat preservation effect is very good. I'm very satisfied.

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